My Dad wants a modern air conditioner this year

My Dad told us that she wants to get a modern a/c method for her anniversary this year.

I was pretty surprised when she mentioned this to my sibling plus me because usually, she won’t even supply us a tiny hint about what she might want for her anniversary.

It’s regularly love it’s top secret plus she just expects us to think it or something. You would have to guess my mom, however if you don’t respectfully think what it is that she wants, then she ends up getting mad at you for not knowing. She is a strange lady sporadically. It’s regularly a guessing game with her. Anyway, this year she told us that she actually wanted to get a modern a/c method for her house, plus so my sibling plus I were shocked that she mentioned it. However, we knew that if we did not spend the cash to get her a modern a/c method after she mentioned it, then she would really be mad at us for weeks. That’s just the way that our Dad is. She isn’t an straight-forward lady to be around, that’s for sure. Anyway, we decided that we would pitch in together plus pool our cash so that we could pay for the replacement of a modern high efficiency central a/c method for our mom’s house. She isn’t straight-forward to please, so we are really hoping that the air conditioner that we chose for the house is going to be to her liking. If it’s not, I think we will have to deal with her for the next few weeks.

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