My family was disappointed in our choice

School was constantly so easy for myself and others growing up.

I never understood how some people could struggle, the teachers would teach the subjects, & I rarely had any questions because it all made perfect sense to me.

In fact I would occasionally stump the teachers with our questions! Anyways, I could tell our parents were harshly proud of me, since I was almost constantly top of our class every year, even when put in advanced classes. I was able to skip a couple of years of school & graduate early. Then came the question. My parents were wondering what I was going to be in life. I am sure they were expecting to hear something along the lines of doctor or scientist. The disappointment was palpable on their face when I told them I wanted to be a heating & air conditioner worker. The first question that came out of their mouths was “Why?” I didn’t want to go & do anything big appreciate being a scientist, lawyer or doctor, I just wanted to do something straight-forward, then just because I was smart didn’t mean I wanted to live an extramoderate life. Besides, being a HVAC repairman was a great idea, HVAC workers are constantly in demand & I will constantly have a task. My parents still tried to convince myself and others to be something else, anything else even, but I already had our mind made up to go to HVAC school this Summer & become an usual certified heating & a/c specialist.

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