Needed a portable toilet by the pool

For years our hubby plus I had been saving up for a pool, and all of us looked all over the yard trying to find the perfect spot, then sadly the best spot was behind the house.

The ground was the highest level there plus our hubby could see the pool from her office window, then nobody in the pool would be seen from the road or possibly hit by a car, and it was private plus semi shaded.

All of us spent a fortune on high quality pavers, pool steps, a pool furnace plus the best kind of liner. After it was all finished I abruptly realized both of us forgot something. There is no lavatory someplace near a pool, and for the boys that isn’t a problem. All of us have woods right behind the pool. They all just take off. For the women it is a problem, then you have to walk around the front of the house, walk down the hallway plus then pee. It means you have dirty, wet feet going through our house. I didn’t enjoy this at all. The most affordable solution was to get a modular restroom set up. It is a shipping basket toilet that I have right next to the pool. There is a toilet plus a sink. It is barebones plus not easily pretty, then however, now anyone can use the toilet without walkin away from the pool area. I have enve thought of hooking another shipping basket to make it greater. I could store pool chemicals plus toys in there as well. I could also Spring to make it look much more beautiful since it will be permanent.



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