One thing I’ve learned as a homeowner

If there is something that I have learned as a homeowner it’s that taking care of your heating and air conditioning is crucial.

If there is one important lesson to learn, it’s that one, otherwise you might make the same mistake that I did.

No one taught me how important the heating and A/C machines were, and so when I got out on my own, I took pretty bad care of mine. I took such bad care of them, that they didn’t last that long. The average HVAC machine can last up to 20 years if you take good care of it, mine only lasted 6 years, if that tells you anything. Because of that, I had to pay for a brand new air conditioning unit, and let me tell you, anything HVAC equipment wise is not cheap. I had to save for months just in order to afford the new HVAC installation. After the new heating and air conditioning was installed, I swore on making sure I was going to take proper care of the systems this time, there was no way I was having a repeat of what I had previously. So I started by getting the HVAC service plan at the local heating business. The service plan makes it much easier for me to get the much needed HVAC maintenance and cleanings that I needed. I made sure to get HVAC tune ups twice a year, and clean out the entire HVAC device out one a year. With these small changes, as well as not running the air conditioner all of the time, I saw a massive difference. My HVAC system was much more efficient.


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