Our neighbor’s tree catastrophically fell through our roof

There are lots of summer season storms plus they can absolutely cause destruction when the wind plus rain are feared; I have lived in this part of the country all of my life. I am used to the rain plus the wind… One of my neighbors moved to the property a couple of weeks ago. That guy has more than one big oak tree in his backyard; during the first storm he endured in the village, 1 of the trees broke in half after being struck by lightning… A big part of the tree fell on top of my house, and when the tree fell, I got caught under 1 of the branches. I could not move my leg at all. I definitely thought it was at least broken plus maybe punctured or dissipated completely. I told my partner to call the 911 operator. I had to go to the hospital in an ambulance plus then they did some surgery to help put everything back in the right places. I am out of task for the next 6 weeks. No heat pump repairs or air cooler replacement calls. I can’t work on any heating and A/C related complications until the inquiry into the concern has been contained.most of the time now I just sit at house plus chill out. I have watched a lot of daytime cable shows about the price is right, Let’s Make A Deal, plus I even caught myself seeing General Hospital 1 time. I was seeing the Blissful Union of Two Souls when the tree came crashing into the house. As long as I live, I will never forget how scared I was when the branch pinned myself and others inside of the house with rain falling on top of me.

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