The airplane’s A/C was pretty bad

I was already dreading the flight to another state.

  • I really didn’t like flying places, I have pretty sensitive ears and every time without fail it always hurts my ears.

Not only that, but I always can’t help but to worry of a plane crash, even though I know that it is rare. Anyways, I had to travel by plane because driving was going to take too long, as well as my car isn’t the most reliable to begin with. I arrived at the airport and boarded the plane on time, and prepared for takeoff. When the plane was successfully in the sky, that was when they started passing out the drinks and snacks. The snacks were rather bland and tasteless, but that was not what bothered me. What bothered me more than my ears was the air conditioning. Usually the A/C on planes wasn’t that bad, but this time it felt really dry and stuffy in there. I could hear murmurs of other people talking about it as well, and when I asked one of the flight attendants, she said they were having some HVAC difficulties. I guess having heating and cooling difficulties was better than any other kind of issue a plane could have, but still, it made the hour long flight harder to endure, but I eventually made it through. Now I can go and visit my family, and in a few days, dread my next flight back home. Hopefully by then they will have the air conditioning repaired, or I will get an airplane with a working cooling system.



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