The customer thought there was a snake in their HVAC system

I carefully removed the front of the machine.

A customer called me because he thought there was a snake caught in his heating, ventilation, plus A/C system; the man swore up plus down that he could hear the snakes hissing, however I also have never had a snake in an actual heating, ventilation, plus A/C unit, so I thought it sounded care about a particularly interesting call. I told my boss that I would go down there to see the guy plus find out what was going on. The man turned out to be the first task I had that day. I typed the address into the GPS. It was simply pretty close plus only a couple of hours away. When I finally arrived, I got a sizable stick out of the back of my truck. There was a course of opportunity that it was a snake, although I did not think that to be the truth. I started listening to the sounds plus that’s when I realized that the hissing sound was more care about the sound of a belt. I decided to look at the belt inside of the unit. I carefully removed the front of the machine. I looked everywhere inside plus saw the belt that runs the compressor. It was the culprit of the strange sound. I added a small amount of lubricant to the belt plus the whining sound disappeared. I told the man that I was finished with the task plus I handed him the bill… She did not want to pay me for the services, because he swore that there was still a snake trapped in the heating, ventilation, and A/C device plus he did not think that I had done anything at all to help her.

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