The honey farm harvests the honey hives

The honey farm harvests the honey and keeps the bees alive

I have a strong belief in critters and even insect life. This is why I always preach against bee extermination. It’s not okay to do any kind of critter or insect extermination, but my opinion is bees should be left alone. Frankly, the planet is losing insects at a big rate because of pesticides. While this is incredibly bad for all insects, I’m aware people aren’t going to stop using pesticides in the near future. However, what everyone can cease is bee extermination. Honey bees and bumblebees are important for the environment, and it saddens me that there are still those who hire a bee exterminator. Although I’d prefer not to see wasp extermination, it’s clear why people would get yellow jacket removal. But, there is no reason to eliminate honey bees and bumblebees in the process. The safe and kindest way to handle a bee problem is to phone honey bee help. There are those that offer commercial bee removal, and instead of killing the bees, they take the bees to a nearby honey farm. The honey farm harvests the honey and keeps the bees alive. I find this as the right way to handle honey bees and the environment. I’ve yet to have any problems with the bees in my area. But, if I do, I’ll have the bees moved to a nearby honey farm, where they can live their lives happily and continue to benefit the environment.


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