The schools are upgrading the HVAC systems during the summer this year

This year during the summer, all of the schools in our area are going to be upgrading the HVAC systems in the buildings.

It’s about time, too, if you ask any of the students, teachers, or parents.

They have had terrible indoor air quality in those buildings for years now. All of the students think that it’s terrible whenever the weather starts heating up in the spring because the classrooms get stuffy and miserable. Of course, they have a terrible time trying to stay awake for their classes anyway, so when the place starts heating up, that makes it even worse. My son always tells me that he accidentally falls asleep after lunch, and I can understand that. There’s nothing like being full and drowsy and sitting in a boring class to make you fall asleep and put your head on the desk. Anyway, we found out at the end of the school year last year that the school board had made the decision to install new HVAC systems throughout the school system this year during the summer. Everyone is really excited about the fact that they are going to have better indoor air quality in the schools during this school year. I just hope that the commercial HVAC company that they gave the contract to will be able to get it all done before school starts back again. You just never know when you are dealing with large jobs like that. Sometimes the contractors end up with trouble with their supplies or with their crews and the whole job falls through. Hopefully, that won’t happen with the HVAC job for the schools, though.
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