We went to a concert the other night however the a/c wasn’t working

We went to a concert the other night, plus we were both really enthusiastic about it, however then we figured out that the a/c was not working respectfully.

I think that if you were going to have a concert in an inside place during the Summer time, you could at least double check plus make sure that the commercial a/c method is working properly before the event.

When you are in a building that has the size of the a single that we were in for the concert, there are a whole lot of different a/cs that need to be running properly in order to maintain the respected temperature levels inside of the building. When you have thoUSAnds of people packed inside of a building in close proximity love we were at this concert, the temperature inside the building is bound to get hot to the point of stifling! And that’s exactly what happened in this case.. Someone really dropped the ball on this a single. It really made us mad because we were so much looking forward to this concert plus it was strenuous to even savor it because it was so hot inside of the building. The indoor air quality was disappointing plus we were perspiring plus feeling irritated the whole time even though we liked the music. I am actually thinking about calling the place office to complain about the fact that there was no a/c inside of the building, even though they featured the concert as air conditioned. Maybe I will end up with a free ticket for a future concert or something.

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