I hope this doesn’t happen again

I’m not too fond of the internet and laptop age due to spyware.

So much of it got on my laptop and it was so frustrating. I started getting all these ads after doing some search online. These weren’t just any ads. I got specific ads for AC companies. This started to happen because I was doing an online search for AC companies recently to find the best one in my locale. The spyware I picked up somewhere along the way knew my search and is now spamming me relentlessly with all these heat and cooling system ads. Majority of the heating and a/c ads that I’m getting are for AC companies that are nowhere near my state. I’ve also been getting ads about portable space furnaces and portable ACs on sale at various spots hundreds of miles away. This forced me to hire a computer technician to get advice on how to eliminate the spyware that is causing all of these heating and a/c ads on my laptop. The one I hired managed to access my laptop and detach the spyware. He also took a virus eliminating program to remove viruses on my device. These also had a role to play in all the heating and a/c ads that I got on my laptop. My hope is that this was a one time thing that won’t occur once more. I had to pay $450 for the computer technician to assist me.