It is completely maxed out

I had a heating and a/c emergency recently, and it was not what you are thinking, but this was a huge emergency with my heat and a/c.

Right in the middle of an extreme cold front my central heating and a/c method broke for good.

I was talking about needing a brand new central heating and cooling unit. The problem with this popping up out of nowhere was that I did not have the money to just throw down, however I had to go to extreme measures in order to get a brand new central heating and a/c method instantly, however what I did was put it on my credit card. But as a result of this, it completely maxed out my card! So now I have no credit left for the time being, however it was well worth it though because I actually needed to get this central heating and a/c method instantly. It took about a week. I had to purchase it and then schedule the upgrade. In the meantime I was fortunate enough to be able to stay with my cousin so I would not have to spend hundreds of dollars living out of a hotel for a week. Which was helpful. My new central heating and a/c method is great. And I can tell a huge difference compared to the outdated central heat and a/c, however it still does actually bother me that I currently have no more credit on my debit card. I will have to start paying it off little by little in the months to come.

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