My cozy cottage with quality heating

Travelling came with the job description, and a month would not pass without me being miles away from home.

This time, my job assignment was to send me to a remote place in the country.

I was so excited about this one because I owned a small cottage in that area. A friend convinced me to buy a piece of land next to his, which had a quaint place. The best part is that I did not have to pay for a hotel. Lucky for me, about two months before, I had asked my friend to contact a heating contractor to take care of the furnace/heater tune-up. I asked him to get the same HVAC provider that did his furnace/heater installation since he had also done the heat pump install system in the cottage. The cottage also had quality HVAC equipment. The previous owner was keen on quality heating, and when the HVAC tech suggested hydronic heating and explained how it worked, he immediately went for it, which I am grateful for now. The only thing I had to replace was the temperature control system which the HVAC repairman from the same HVAC business installed when he came for furnace/heater repair. My friend had also offered a portable space heater for when I needed it, but with that kind of whole home heating, I doubt I will ever have to use it. I knew I had reliable heating and air conditioning system with what was previously there. I only got to stay in the cottage for not more than two weeks a year, so I never had to apply the energy-saving tips that I had learned, but I had a good caretaker.


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