My fancy temperature control gadget

A reminder flashed on my phone’s screen, all thanks to technology where I could easily set reminders on my smart temperature control gadget.

I could access all the information on it, including making adjustments to the whole home heating system, through an application on my phone. With the old dial thermostat, this would not be possible. The challenge was that I was miles away from home, and I had missed last year’s furnace/heater tune-up, and I knew that the furnace needed servicing. The only thing in my control at the time was implementing one of the energy-saving tips: turn the temperature to the lowest possible when there was nobody in the house. The hydronic heating system provides quality heating, and I had never considered other quality HVAC equipment. Not to mention the heated floors in the bathroom, which encourage me to take long showers even during the cold season because the indoor comfort is on another level. The furnace/heater installation proved costly buying the device and the HVAC provider service charge, but it was the best decision I ever made. I had gotten a discount from the HVAC business since it was during their grand opening. The HVAC tech did an impeccable job on the installation. Even the HVAC repairman who came for the first furnace/heater repair commended the job. I would have to wait ten days until I got home because I was sure nothing could go wrong in such a short period. I also had a portable space heater that a heating contractor had insisted I purchase just in case my theory was proved wrong.


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