My friend, the once Heating plus A/C tech saved a anniversary reception

Being an event planner made it possible to attend more anniversarys than an average person, which also meant I had tasted a variety of anniversary cakes, and given our love for cake, this was one of the highlights.

One of the craziest anniversarys I had ever planned introduced myself and others to a world of heating technology I did not know existed.

I had called an Heating plus A/C provider every once in a while for gas furnace/heater repair, gas furnace/heater tune-up, and other services however never had I ever had to do the labor myself. Everything was moving smoothly on this certain anniversary afternoon until the anniversary reception time in the night came. Two minutes before the reception began, the ballroom became unquestionably frigid no matter how many times I reset the temperature control unit. I called the first heating corporation I saw online, however those were already closed for the afternoon. I made many other calls, however every Heating plus A/C corporation seemed closed. There was no way guests would be comfortable in such a frigid place. I was not one to take luck of people’s kindness, however the minute I remembered that one of our friends was once an Heating plus A/C tech, I did not hesitate to call them. The Heating plus A/C repairman arrived at the location in twenty minutes and headed straight to labor on the gas furnace/heater replacement. He worked his magic and fixed the quality Heating plus A/C equipment, and the two of us were back to enjoying quality heating, and it saved myself and others from a possible bridezilla moment. I am not sure what I would have done since the only portable space oil furnace would not be enough for whole home heating. My neighbor did myself and others a sizable favor by fixing the hydronic gas furnace.



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