Tiana needed a new cooling system

Tiana had been living with his Grandmother for 4 years. His life before hadn’t been easy, but now she’s doing much better. Tiana got pregnant & moved in with a guy when he was 20. He was older, & life was superb before he had the baby. After that, he showed his tplot colors & would beat his for every small issue. Things got so terrible that Tiana felt like he was in prison. She’d try to hide this from his granny, but a single morning he showed up with his cop cousin & rescued Tiana & his baby. Now, 4 years later, she’s working & finally managed to buy a small house. It’s a great new home but Tiana knew it needed some work when he got it, plus a new cooling system. The previous owner had been tolerable with Tiana about the state of the cooling system in the house. He’d last updated it 10 years back, & it was due for an update. Tiana managed to negotiate a superb price for the new home so that he had enough money left for the cooling system. All this time, his granny wasn’t far away & helped Tiana even with choosing a new cooling system. His child was so blissful to have a new home, even though he knew he’d also be back at his great-Grandmother’s house. Tiana’s granny was also helpful when choosing a superb AC supplier in the area to install the new cooling system in the house. Since he wanted this to be a a single-time job, he ensured the AC supplier had excellent reviews. After that, Tiana called them up & booked an AC specialist to come to his home.


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