We hate spyware

One thing we hate about the internet and digital is spyware. We had a whole ton of it on our iPad as of lately, and it was giving us all these ads anywhere we went on the internet. But these weren’t any outdated ads. We got constant ads for heating & air conditioner companies. The reason for that was we had been searching for heating & air conditioner companies recently to pinpoint the best one in our area. The spyware we picked up somewhere along the way made note of this and is now spamming the crap out of us with all these heat and cooling system ads. Some of the heating & air conditioner ads that we’re getting are for heat and cooling system companies not even in our state. We’ve also been getting ads about portable heating and cooling units on sale at many places that also are nowhere near us. We had to call an iPad professional to get advice on what to do to get rid of the spyware that’s causing all of these heating & air conditioner ads on our gadget. They managed to log into our iPad and detach the spyware then take a virus removal program to detach several viruses that were found. These were also causing all the heating & air conditioner ads that we were getting on our PC. We simply hope that this doesn’t happen again anytime in the near future. It cost us almost $350 to get the spyware detached.

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