Big Day Today Cleaning my air conditioning Filter

I am going to clean the air conditioning filter today and maybe open up the air handler to see if the grill needs to be cleaned.

I’ve noticed reduced air flow in the whole house and nothing has changed in the past few months with the HVAC system so I am assuming we need to clean it.

I think it has only been a couple of months since doing the cleaning job last time but I guess it is due for another cleaning again. I need to make a reminder on my phone about cleaning the HVAC system because I sometimes let too much time go by before getting it done. My friend told me he just puts an alarm on his phone once every three months to remind him to clean it. I guess some of these new smart thermostats will remind you also so maybe I should just buy a new programmable smart thermostat and not have to worry about trying to remember to clean it each time it is due. The residential HVAC system they installed in our house is about ten years old now and I think they usually last about 13 or so years so we will be in the market for a whole new system soon. I guess we better start saving money so we have it when the time comes to put in a new one. There is a local contractor down the street which occasionally has sales on HVAC units, so we need to keep our eyes peeled for the upcoming sales.


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