Finding Work was hard

When you are put out of work & in desperate need of employment, you will pretty much do anything so long as it pays the bare minimum to live on. This is what I ended up doing at a single point a couple of years ago. There was an independent heating & a/c specialist that needed a new assistant for some of the work they had to go on. And because I am a certified heating & cooling specialist, I applied & got the position while still looking for a new work. The heating & cooling company I was finally working for laid us all off. The pay with the independent heating & a/c specialist was not great at all, however it was hardly enough to survive & tide myself and others over until I could get a real kind of work with a heating & a/c company that paid much more for nearly the same work. The lower paying work with the heating & a/c specialist lasted 6 months & then it was done. By that time I had new work all set up with another heating & a/c company here in town. I am still working for that same heating & a/c company now. It has been a few years now I have been employed by them & all seems to be going great. There is no risk of any lay off as this heat & cooling system provider has tons of clients & is going actually strong. So I assume that I have excellent work security. I will be here for a long time.
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