I badly Need a change

I want to transfer to another area, far away. The area I live in just has the most horrible air quality & I just can not handle it any longer! I am not going to invest tons of money into a whole loft sized air purification system. It might be much cheaper to just transfer to another area or even another place that doesn’t have air quality that is so bad! Sure you are going to have bad air quality anywhere you go in the world today. But the key is to find a place that does not have rotten air quality almost every day of the year adore where I live. This is particularly absurd to be even-handed & it is particularly taking a major dampener on our health, needing a real good change here. I think I am going to transfer in the new year. The 1st thing I need to do is some research to see where in the country there is the best air quality & then find an arena when I am ready to rent. I do not buy houses. Because if you buy you are stuck. And I do not want to be stuck anywhere! That is why I even have the option to transfer to another area or state. Because I rent my home. I particularly just want to get out of this constant bad air quality. It is killing our body more & more each & every single day. I can see it. Air quality is particularly crucial in day to day living. I method on looking into the midwest & see what that area of the country has to offer in terms of good air quality!


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