I couldn’t see myself enjoying another career

Being a heating and a/c machine specialist is something that I could not be more than gleeful with… It has been my main goal in life ever since I was a teenager and I followed through with that goal by going to heating and a/c machine school and getting my Heating and A/C machine certification.

After that I got a job at a local heating and a/c machine corporation and this month I am still with that same heat and cooling machine dealer.

That was 10 years ago and this year marks the 10th anniversary of my work in the heating and cooling machine business. I have experienced a good amount in this decade and I am super gleeful that I made it this far, some heating and a/c machine specialists do not end up making it this far and some quit the heat and cooling machine supplier and end up going after another work position but not me. I am in this for the rest of my working career for certain. I totally plan on retiring from the heating and a/c machine supplier at this same heat and cooling machine corporation as long as they stay in business, but I do not see why they wouldn’t. They have been going severely strong in the heating and a/c machine industry for the last 30 years before I even joined them! Heat and cooling machine work essentially is my life and I could not be more gleeful with the work I decided to go for. Not a lot of people get to live the work they want, so I consider myself incredibly lucky that I got here and that I am still here doing this work.

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