I like going to the open mic nights

There is an open mic tonight near my dad’s home that I am thinking of going to. I need to check out the crowd and see what kind of energy they have before signing myself up to do some comedy on stage. If the crowd is too talky and loud then comedy isn’t going to go well there. Or if there are a lot of guys there running around then it won’t work either. Comedy requires a particular kind of crowd, along with close seating, and an easily clear sound system. Maybe I’ll just go watch others perform tonight. My heating and A/C expert friend plays the guitar and may show up to do a song or several. I can also play drums so maybe I’ll join him on stage and just do some music and skip the comedy. The place has relaxing a/c in the performance room so I wouldn’t be covered in sweat bullets while I am performing. I really sweat a lot when I do standup comedy because it is so incredibly stressful and uses a lot of energy to keep the mind sharp on stage. I asked the owner last time if he could put in a HEPA filter because I had a lot of allergies last time while doing my set on stage. I haven’t even done so much comedy lately over the past few years because I transitioned to music instead. The local business which holds the mics always prefers myself and others to do comedy so maybe tonight I’ll provide it 1 more shot. I guess I need to write a set just in case I decide to do a set.


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