I want to make sure my HVAC system is going to work okay

I’ve decided to stay in the states a single more month and will need to adapt to the heat here for our exercise routines.

I normally workout in the afternoons overseas because it is much cooler and I appreciate working out in the warmer area of the day, but over here it is a different story.

The heat here certainly saps our energy while I was in the afternoons so I need to change our workout to the afternoons when the heat and humidity aren’t too much for me. I turn 55 in a month and noticed the heat affects myself and others more now. My cooling rep told myself and others that he works out before the sunlight comes up each afternoon with a long distance swim and a run. Maybe I need to do the same because it seems to work well for him. I want to visit him today to get some energy saving tips because both of us have had some certainly high power bills so far this summer. I am going to be here during some of the hottest times of the year so I need to be careful not to get too hot in the midday heat or I could get heat stroke or heat exhaustion. I am going to call the cooling system worker at the local business today to come and take a look at our central AC unit to make sure it is in tiptop shape. It may need to be cleaned and run tests on because it has been a while since doing so. I guess they are open now so I’ll give them a buzz.

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