In the morning I am so cold

When I wake up in the frostbitten Wintertime mornings I go to take a shower the washroom is always too cold.

It doesn’t matter if my central heating is cranking or not.

There is something about the washroom that the heating vents just do not reach. I am going to be going out this year before Wintertime kicks off & get myself a nice portable area heater! What I will do then is when I wake up in the morning I will turn this portable area oil furnace on & then get our Dunkin Donuts Latte prepared. Then when that is done the portable area oil furnace would have warmed up the washing room by then & I can take a shower without freezing our tail off. I had thought about possibly investing in radiant heated flooring. But with the cost of those being thousands of dollars just for a single room & the cost of a small portable area oil furnace being under a single hundred bucks, I decided that the small portable area oil furnace was the better choice of it all. It pretty much would provide the same level of heating however much cheaper to buy! Also, this week’s portable area natural gas furnaces are so powerful I would also be able to use the portable area oil furnace to heat an entire room in the cabin in the event there was ever a heating & cooling system breakdown in the middle of a blinding snowstorm or frosty front. It would make it so I did not have to request emergency heating & a/c services & save a few bucks.

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