It will be nice when I can adjust the temperature control on my PC

I particularly need to update our PC. The ultimate reason I need to do this is because I am actually trying to get a smart temperature control. And when I would purchase the smart temperature control I would not be able to use the app to control it on the current PC I have because it is incredibly outdated. The whole idea for going for a smart temperature control is because I want to have the convenience of being able to control our central heating and a/c machine from our PC while I am working from home. A lot of times the temperatures in our beach residence vary and I have to get up and down to keep changing the temperature control whenever it is needed. If I have a smart temperature control and the app on our PC I will not have to do this moving forward. I will be able to just adjust that temperature control while I am sitting at the PC working hard. Also by getting a smart temperature control I can also put the app on my cell phone which will make it so I can turn the central heating and a/c machine off and on from being away from the beach residence like when I am at work. This will save me a reasonable amount of money on our electric bills by not running the heating and a/c machine when I am not home. I can turn it off when I leave and then turn on the central heating and a/c machine when I am on my way back to my residence… When I walk in the door the heating or the cooling will be working and flowing just the way I like.


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