My HVAC resume is great

I am currently out of work and looking for heating & a/c specialist jobs.

I was laid off from the heat & a/c supplier that I worked for.

However, I am quite confident I will be able to find a new job with a new heating & a/c supplier in no time. Because my resume is really relaxing thanks to a good friend of mine who did it with me. It lists in detail all of my heating & a/c experience over the years. And I suppose that I have a lot, from finally working as an independent heating & a/c specialist when I first started out working at 2 different heating & cooling companies. This is all what they look for when booking new heating & a/c workers to work in their Heating & Air Conditioning companies. I have 2 heating & cooling businesses on my list to go in & apply for which I am going to do next week. I really think I will get hired within the next month or 2 & be paid a normal rate & not that of a new employee because of my years of experience in the heating & a/c industry. Every one of us shall see how it all goes & I hope it goes well. But in the event it does not for some unseen reason, I can constantly try my hand at being an independent heating & a/c specialist locally once more. I suppose the competition & I suppose how to play it. The reason it didn’t work the first time was because I was too inexperienced in the heating & a/c business.

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