My special treat was a heater

Last year for my birthday I felt so ecstatic that I got a relaxing gift from my friend! It was a portable area heater! They had known for a while that I was wanting a portable area oil furnace to put in my living room during the winter to save a few bucks on my energy bills; Before I had a chance to go out & get one, my friend gave it to me for my birthday.

I was truly ecstatic about this, however the portable area oil furnace surely was a special treat.

It saved me from spending a hundred bucks & it really had saved me money last Winter as well. It will do the same for me this upcoming winter. It is simply amazing that portable area gas furnaces today can be this powerful. Back when I was just growing up, portable area gas furnaces were nowhere near what they can do today. You were fortunate if a portable area oil furnace could heat the lavatory well enough while you took a shower! That was the major difference between today’s portable area gas furnaces & the portable area gas furnaces of old times. Today’s portable area gas furnaces are also truly long lasting as well. So this portable area oil furnace that my friend gave me for my birthday last year should last me for a lifetime if it is love all the other new portable area heaters. I am again so grateful for my friend getting me this portable area oil furnace for my birthday last year. I am really reaping the benefits of it & will continue to do so for as long as it doesn’t chop down on me!



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