Need to make a major change

I think I should transfer to another area.

The area I live in just has the most horrible air quality & I just can not put up with it anymore! I am not going to invest thousands more dollars into a beachside cabin air purification system.

It would be much cheaper to just transfer to another home or even another city that doesn’t have air quality that is this bad! Sure you are going to have disappointing air quality wherever you go in the world this week. But the key is to find somewhere that does not have such disappointing air quality almost everyday of the year like where I live. This is actually too crazy to be tolerable & it is really taking a major damper on our health… I Need a real great change here. I assume I am going to transfer in the new year. The first thing I need is to do some research to see where in the country there is the best air quality & then find a locale when I am finally ready to rent. I do not buy houses. Because if you buy you are stuck. And I do not like being stuck somewhere! This is why I even have the pick to transfer to another area or state. Because I always rent. I really just want to get out of this constant disappointing air quality. It is killing our health more & more each & every single day. I can assume it. Air quality is actually important in day-to-day living. I program on looking into the midwest & see what that area country has to offer in terms of superior air quality!


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