On Tuesday, I did not want to go out

Tuesday is the only day that I entirely have off from work because Sunday I go to church & spend the day with the kids & our wifey.

Both of us do family activities & have fun together. It’s entirely the only time I see them throughout the week. Last Tuesday our wifey wanted me to go to the zoo with her & the kids. I had on our comfortable shorts & a soft cotton t-shirt. I planned to grab a six pack of beer & rest down in front of the cable & the cooling system. I was going to watch a couple of the games on cable while I appreciated the cold air & the cold beers. When I told our wifey that this was our plan, she frowned. I like the children & I like her, however I have to have time to myself to recuperate from the month at work. I assume that our wifey understands that. When I proinspected a minute time, she sent the children into the apartment to convince me to go. It was taxing to argue with their smiling faces. She was playing dirty at that point. She promised that I could come apartment & relax later if I went to the zoo for a couple of minutes. I agreed to go & I put off our enjoyable staycation at apartment for a couple of minutes, and on the way apartment from the zoo we stopped at a gas station so I could grab a six pack of beer & I spent the day resting in front of the cable & the cooling system watching pigskin.
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