Thankful for good energy saving tips

The one thing I have been trying to do recently is to save cash on our energy bills! I have found that the main reason they are consistently so high is because of running our central heating and A/C equipment a good amount.

The fact that the seer rating on our central heating and A/C equipment is not the top doesn’t help. However I found a wonderful energy saving tip on a website I was studying the other day… They said that if you choose to purchase portable A/C equipment and a portable section heating system you can reduce your electric bill by close to half! I was hoping to give this a try. So I went out and bought a portable A/C system to start. Since it is the warm season now and tepid out this was the best thing to do. I have been using the portable A/C equipment along with our central A/C equipment and on the first bill I already saw a 40 percent reduction! So this tells me that the energy savings tip on the website I was studying was totally correct. This means that I will now go out and buy a portable section heating system for when the freezing cold season eventually comes. I already recognize that since the portable A/C equipment is working, the portable section heating system will actually function just the same in reducing the electric bills. And with heat and A/C system technology the portable section heating system and the portable A/C system is powerful enough to heat and cool entire rooms the same as the central heat and A/C equipment does.
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