The HVAC industry is for me

Being a heating and A/C specialist is something that I could not be more than ecstatic with, then it was our goal in life ever since I was a teenager and I followed through with that goal by going to heating and A/C school and getting our Heating, Ventilation, and A/C certification… After that I got a job at a local heating and A/C supplier and today I am still with that same heat and a/c corporation, however that was 10 years ago and this year marks the 10th birthday of our work in the heating and cooling business.

I have experienced so much in this decade and I am super ecstatic that I made it this far, however some heating and A/C specialists do not end up making it this far and some quit the heat and a/c company and end up going after another work but not me.

I am in this for the rest of our unquestionably working life. I plan on retiring from the heating and A/C company at this same heat and a/c supplier as long as they stay in business. Which I do not see why they wouldn’t. They have been going strong in the heating and A/C industry for the last 30 years long before I even joined them! Heat and a/c work is our life and I could not be more ecstatic with the work I chose… Not many get to live the work they want, so I consider myself blessed that I got here and that I am still here.


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