The HVAC system dictates indoor comfort levels

Well, you won’t hear me talk about cryptos anymore because Bitcoin is in a downward spiral that seems to be picking up speed plus I don’t want to watch our currency drop anymore. I’ll wait until it bottoms out plus then jump back in again. I had $90K a couple months ago plus now it has been cut in half to $45K, not such a fantastic feeling to lose that much currency. It should come back though if I can grab it again near the lowest point, which may be more than 2 months down the road. This week, both of us are going to the local service provider to get some energy saving tips for the Summer to try to cut down on our power usage with the central heating plus A/C system. The two of us have an immense 5 study room 5 powder room beach house plus it takes an actual large amount of energy to cool this location down, so both of us would love to see if there is something both of us can do to trim down the power bills. This beach house gets a lot of sunlight plus heats up during the afternoon quite a bit plus it seems love the more than one large commercial a/c units have to run way too much to keep the location even moderately cool. I need to ask our stepmom how much she spends on cooling costs during the Summer so I can tell this to the heating plus A/C specialists to see if it seems akin to a normal price for cooling a beach house down of this size. Maybe both of us just need to transfer into a smaller beach house plus be more European.



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