The wild rabbit & the Air Conditioning program

It is really silly that I keep having wild rabbits jumping on top of my central heating & a/c system! My heat & a/c unit is set in my backyard & I have a lot of wild rabbits back there.

There is one particular wild rabbit that likes to leap on the top of the heating & a/c unit for some reason that is unknown to me.

I wouldn’t mind really even though I feel distraught that it could go beyond that & the wild rabbit may end up chewing wires & killing both itself & my heating & a/c unit along with it. I am going to go out this weekend & buy a thick tarp. That tarp will make it so that the wild rabbit or anything else can jump on it all it wants. They won’t even be able to chew the wires because the heavy tarp will cover that as well. Also I was thinking that having a tarp will be more relaxing for my heating & a/c program also because it will protect it from when both of us get hail pounding down, then hail can easily destruction a central heating & a/c program if it is really hard & heavy. It can cause massive dents which can eventually lead to the motherboard inside getting messed up. So in a way, I should thank the wild rabbit for making me about to go out & buy a tarp. It is something that is long overdue & I should have done it already. So all praise to the wild rabbit.



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