They had a truly strenuous experience

When I bought the newest smart temperature control recently, I had to call our local heating & a/c pro to send out a certified heating & cooling expert to install it.

The heating & a/c expert had quite a handful of issues trying to get the smart temperature control installed.

It turned out that our existing central heating & cooling system was not current enough to work with a smart temperature control. This was the main issue. The heating & a/c specialist after 2 hours was finally able to rig up something to make the smart temperature control work with our not-so-current central heating & cooling system. He did make a suggestion to myself and others though that I should think about getting a brand new & totally current central heating & cooling system for our home. Because the smart temperature control may not last with the rig up that he did. It could be something that will only work for a year or less he said. Also, I might have some future issues with the app that controls the smart temperature control on the cell iphone… Sadly I can not afford a brand new & current central heating & cooling system unit at this time. Alas, I will take our possibilities with this rig up & if it ever stops fully finally working, I will just have to deal with it when the time comes & handle the smart temperature control like a common temperature control, or just get rid of it all completely & go back to a dial or digital temperature control!

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