A snake crawled out of the a/c unit.

I heard our wifey scream, & then there was a lot of pounding on the floor. I ran upstairs to see what was wrong & she could only point. That’s when I saw the snake lying on the floor, dead. She said she had turned the a/c equipment to cool it off while she home cleaned the study room. The snake had crawled out of the a/c equipment & landed on the floor. She stomped on it when it landed. I stood there looking at the floor, & then every one of us heard a giggle. Our eight-year-old child was laying outside the room; barely controlling his laughter. I walked out & pushed him into the room, while asking him if he knew anything about that, & I pointed to the snake. He walked over & picked it up while telling his mother it was just a joke & the snake was a toy. I could barely control our laughter, however our wifey wasn’t seeing the humor in it. She said the thing crawled out of the a/c unit. How was he able to get it in there so it would come out when she turned the A/C equipment on? He said it was easy, & he showed her how it was small enough to slip into the A/C unit. When he slid the ‘fake’ snake in, he pulled another one out. The fake snake was still in the A/C unit. The snake our child thought was fake was real, which had our wifey screaming all over again. I had to take the A/C equipment out of the window & rip it apart to make sure there were no more snakes inside & to find out how it got inside.


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