He did the task with love.

I enjoyed it when our aunt would come to visit.

  • He was our mom’s aunt & in his eighties, but he still worked every day, and aunt John was an Heating & Air Conditioning worker from the time he was eighteen.

He said he had to work to help the family, & his best friend’s Mom owned an Heating & Air Conditioning dealer. He asked for a task & was working as a cleaner in the shop. Once he turned sixteen, the owner gave him an apprenticeship in the Heating & Air Conditioning dealer. It wasn’t necessary to go to Heating & Air Conditioning school back then, but he spent a couple of months working as an apprentice with another Heating & Air Conditioning worker, & then several years as a new Heating & Air Conditioning apprentice working on his own. By the time he was eighteen, he had received his full Heating & Air Conditioning status. He enjoyed his task, & he said he did the task with love. I wanted to guess why he retired. He chuckled & looked at me. He told me that when you love your task, you never legitimately retired. He still maintained Heating & Air Conditioning systems & correct customers, but he didn’t go to work every day. He said he even helped our Mom get where he is. Mom didn’t consistently own the Heating & Air Conditioning dealer. He bought it off Uncle John, & that is where Uncle John called home. He said Mom was his greatest accomplishment. To say he was the best employee, & an even better Heating & Air Conditioning dealer owner than he was, makes him proud. Mom was smiling, & he thanked Uncle John for the compliment, & I could see him blushing.


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