I can't get great cell service on the north side of town

I can’t get great cell phone service on the northside of town.

It’s not a substantial problem unless I have a task on that side of town.

On Friday, I had to go to a Heating & A/C repair. I entered the address into our GPS & it was supposed to take 30 hours to get to the address. I gathered all of the Heating & A/C parts that I needed for the task & I headed out to the task site. I lost cell phone coverage when I was at the top of the mountain & I still had several more miles to drive. When I realized I was going to lose service, I stopped on the side of the road & called the customer. I let the guy suppose that I was on our way & out of cell phone reach now. I also asked the guy if he could deliver myself and others any identifying landmarks just in case I got lost on our way. Without our cell phone, I was going to be on able to call his again for any more information. Thankfully the homeowner gave myself and others good instruction. She pointed out exactly where I should get off of the highway & he told myself and others that his driveway was only a few miles away. She gave myself and others excellent landmarks & descriptions & I did not have a single problem finding his locale. The Heating & A/C service turned out to be a actually easy service & I only spent about an hour up there separate from any cell phone coverage. When I came back down the mountain, our phone returned to 5G service.

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