I could not suppose I was going to be an Heating & Air Conditioning worker.

My knees were about to buckle, & our face felt stiff.

I had waited for this day for almost a year. I went to class every day & worked at night. I had legitimately little time for myself, however I didn’t care, & our husbandy was behind me. She was encouraging me whenever I felt down, & he made me know appreciate I was substantial when I felt deflated. She was our rock, & I wouldn’t have gotten through the classes separate from her. Now, I was finally getting ready to graduate, & I knew I had done the right thing. I sat in front of the class, proudly displaying our new Heating & Air Conditioning uniform. When our name was called, I was called the podium & introduced as the top Heating & Air Conditioning graduate in this year’s class. The educator told me I was the worker being gave an apprenticeship in his dealer & I could not have been prouder. All of a sudden, it occurred to me that I was legitimately going to be an Heating & Air Conditioning worker & I would be working in the most prestigious Heating & Air Conditioning dealer in our area. I was so overwhelmed that I could not walk. My knees were about to buckle, & our face felt stiff. Had I been a weaker person, I would have fainted, however I was a man, & men didn’t faint. My mom & Mom kept telling me that whenever I mentioned fainting. I looked out at our husbandy, & I instantly relaxed knowing that whatever I was going through, he was feeling it too. Without her, I wouldn’t be resting here & I wanted to have his resting next to me, even while I still stood at the podium.

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