I spent most of the day doing inventory

No one was in the office, so I had a nice and long lunch.

I spent most of my day doing inventory at the HVAC center. Normally I would work as a repair technician, but I was hurt on the job a couple of days ago. It wasn’t really a big deal, but I dropped an AC unit on my foot and badly bruised my foot and all of my toes. I was given 7 days of restricted duties per workman’s compensation. I still get paid the same amount of money as my regular salary but I have to do jobs that do not require me to walk around very much. Most of the days I have been working inside of the office. Today I spent most of the day doing inventory. I counted all of the parts and equipment that we have in the warehouse. The warehouse is quite large and there are more than a thousand different pieces of parts and equipment. I was bored by lunch time, but thankfully my girlfriend came over to the HVAC business center and we had lunch together. No one was in the office, so I had a nice and long lunch. We must have sat outside for 30 or 40 minutes and then we went inside for a while too. There are some perks about being on restricted duty especially when there are no people around during the day. Tomorrow I will be finished with the inventory and then I have no idea what the supervisor is going to give me to do. I’ve done nearly every task there is to imagine but the warehouse has never looked better.

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