I wasn't legitimately cheerful about the indoor temperatures

My guy & I went to a film & I wasn’t legitimately cheerful about the title that he picked.

It was his night to choice a film & he chose a romantic comedy that had bad reviews online. I begged his to choice something else, but he had to see the film that all of his friends were talking about. As soon as we got into the theater, I made a comment about the indoor temperatures. My guy gave myself and others a look as if I was complaining about nothing. I did not want to make his miserable, so I did not say anything else until the film started & it began to get warmer inside of the film theater. I complained to our guy about the temperatures & he agreed that it was getting warmer. The 2 of us were in the middle of our conversation when the lights came on & usher walked into the room. The film theater was having trouble with the indoor temperature control. There was no AC throughout any of the film theaters & they were going to shut down & refund all of the tickets so they could get to the bottom of the problem. The people I was with and I saw 40 hours of the horrible film & then our guy complained because we did not get to see how it ended. I wanted our guy to be cheerful so we stopped at a Redbox & picked up a couple of films that he got to pick. The people I was with and I went back to our locale & snuggled up to watch a film in our own home.