Jack got myself and others a task toiling at the Heating & A/C parts factory

Jack & I went to middle school together & then I got a task at the supermarket, jack got a task toiling at a factory outside of town. The factory makes Heating & A/C parts. I liked toiling at the grocery store, however Jack was making better money & he had the choice to work overtime if he wanted. The guy was earning lots of money & I was a little jealous to be honest. I asked Jack if he could get myself and others a task toiling at the factory with him. Just a handful of days after we talked, Jack called myself and others & said that I had an interview with the boss. I was supposed to work when the interview occurred, however I told our boss that I had a nurse’s appointment. I left work to go to the interview & I went right back to the grocery store when I was finished interviewing for the task at the Heating & A/C parts factory. About an hour after the interview, our phone rang & the telephone number was from the factory. I answered the phone hoping to hear great news. The man on the line was the human resources manager, however he wanted to go over some paperwork with myself and others & he told myself and others that he had a task offer. She asked if I could come to the Heating & A/C parts factory to fill out paperwork the next day & then he asked if I could beginning on Monday, however everything happened legitimately rapidly & I never had the choice to deliver a 2 week notice to the grocery store. My boss was a little aggravated that I left him short-handed, however I had to take the opportunity.

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