Mom needed help getting the A/C units out of the attic

My mom is getting older and I often worry about the fact that she is at the cabin alone. She fell last Wintertide and didn’t even tell anyone. When I came over to the cabin and found her with a bruise, I wanted to guess exactly what happened. I wanted our mom to move in with us however she said that she was never going to leave her cabin unless she was dead. My mom still needs help with a lot of tasks but at least now she is asking for help instead of trying to do everything on her own… Last month she called myself and others because she needed help getting the A/C units out of the attic, and during the last couple of years, our youngsters have been responsible for taking the heavy stuff in and out of the attic at the end of summer time and winter. During the summer time this would include the A/C units and while I was in the Wintertide weeks it would include all of the Christmas decorations. I told both of our older men to go and help our mom with the A/C unit. They were supposed to help on Friday, but both of them had practice so I told our mom that they would come on Tuesday. On Tuesday they decided to go have pizza with their friends instead and on Tuesday I picked them up after university and took them over to the house. They should be more than happy to help their Grandma with any type of chore that she needs. I wish they were more willing to put the iphone down and interact with the family.


a/c professional