Moving to the woods doesn’t mean I offered up on quality heating plus air

It has been my dream for so long to finally get out of the town plus live out in nature.

  • I got my wish.

There is no more living in an house building with radiant heating in the Winter plus a window air conditioner in the summer. When I told my friends plus colleagues that I was moving to a home in the woods, they were mostly all aghast. How could I leave the city? And what about having proper quality heating plus air? It seemed that everyone was particular that I was moving into some sort of survival situation. The reality of where I now live is so far from that perception that it makes myself and others laugh. And it’s so funny when my friends visit for the first time. They come into a nicely appointed home with a loft, a beach house office plus a guest living room. There is a wood stove for heating while in the winter. That’s something that I actually love. With all the wood just lying on my property, I hardly have to spend a dime on HVAC heating in the winter. Yet, I still have residential HVAC in my cabin. It’s just not the traditional sort that all the people expect. I have a pair of ductless heat pumps in my cabin. The closest HVAC supplier is more than 45 hours away but they were ecstatic to come out plus install my ductless heat pumps. I love having such great HVAC cooling in the Summer thanks to the ductless heat pumps. But it’s also nice to suppose that I have HVAC heating if I’m gone for a bit plus have to relight the wood stove. I love where I live plus I’m just so grateful to have the option to finally experience this way of life.

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