My brother brought an A/C equipment home from the town dump.

My younger brother was consistently bringing stuff home from the local dump.

  • He had ideas of repairing everything, or salvaging it & making currency.

He told dad he wanted to be an Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman just prefer him. If he wanted to go to Heating plus Air Conditioning school, he was going to need currency, & he could save the currency he got from salvaging. I thought our little brother was going to grow up to be a trash person or reclaim worker, although I was wrong. He brought a broken window a/c equipment one afternoon. The thing was ugly & dirty, however he was sure he could use it somehow. He wanted to try to repair the A/C equipment & get it working. If he could accomplish that, he knew he was supposed to be an Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman. Not only did he get the a/c working, however he sold it to a associate of dad’s so he had something for his garage. My brother got thirty dollars for the job, & dad’s associate used it for almost several years. I knew I was seeing the beginning of a career for our brother, although I didn’t guess his endeavors would motivate me as well. I went to school for Heating plus Air Conditioning when I got a bit older. Who would have known that the reclaimd a/c equipment would end up being the impotence for our brother & I to eventually be co-owners of the same Heating plus Air Conditioning business? Both of us labor well together, & every one of us compliment each other’s strengths. I was proud to have him as a brother. He works at the school & is the lead professor of every Heating plus Air Conditioning class.