Old classic gets an Heating & Air Conditioning upgrade that fits

Buying a condo that was built a hundred years ago is a trip.

And the fact that this condo has never legitimately been renovated or modernized is another trip.

Every one of us found this gem completely boarded up & resting empty as it had for multiple decades. Prior to that though, it was a once unquestionably proud example of lovely design & craftsmanship. When this condo was designed & built, there was no such thing as residential Heating & Air Conditioning, microwaves or the internet. This locale was designed to be grand in a much easyr time. My fiance & I knew that if both of us owned it, we’d want to take it back to it’s original design & grandeur. That would take time, effort & money. But both of us got the locale for a song once it was determined that it was a structural wonder. So both of us had money for the renovation budget. But how to bring back it’s original glory & still care about up-to-date stuff like quality heating & air? This was the real puzzle & one that both of us were able to address one step at a time. To start, both of us stripped all the sort of ad hoc heating & cooling unit from the house. Every one of us weren’t going with any HVAC duct as that didn’t fit the design. So the Heating & Air Conditioning contractor came up with the best ductless multi split system. These ductless heat pumps simply blend right into the original design while offering outstanding heating & cooling comfort. It’s been a work of love & now, the condo is complete & both of us are just so utterly thrilled with the results. But having the ductless heat pumps was such a major win for us.


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