The brand modern A/C unit wouldn't work

My wife and I bought a modern window A/C unit for the house.

The people I was with and I bought the window A/C unit back in January when everything was on sale.

I never bothered to plug in the A/C unit to make sure that it would work. It was a $350 machine. I did not suppose there was any real way that it would not work. When our wife and I were getting ready for the summer time weather, the two of us got the air conditioner out of the garage and I set it up in the window. I tested all of the upgrade before I even turned on the machine one time. I guess that was a big mistake on our part. If I had evaluated first, then the two of us would not have gone through all of the preparation before realizing there was a problem. I had to take the whole assembly apart after the A/C unit wasn’t working. I took the machine to the hardware store. I told the clerk that I bought it back in January, however he asked myself and others if I had the receipt. I guess he expected myself and others to say no, although I keep meticulous records and I did have the receipt. The clerk said he was going to get an extension cord. He plugged the A/C unit into the extension cord to make sure that it did not work. I do not guess if he thought that I was silly or stupid, although I actually can tell when a machine is or is not working. The clerk tried a couple of strange ways to turn the machine on, but it was no use! Nothing helped at all. The clerk had to refund the currency I paid for the A/C unit.

a/c representative