There was nowhere else that I wanted to be

My bestie surprised myself and others this year & she took myself and others anywhere special for our 2-year birthday.

  • Last year we opted to go snorkeling & saw lots of tropical fish.

This year we opted to go out on a boat to go deep sea fishing. It was a very sizzling & humid day when we opted to go out on the boat. Both of us were told that there would be climate control inside of the boat in an section where popcorn & drinks are served. My bestie & I spent some time in the air conditioned space when we were on our cruise out to the fishing area. Once we hit the fishing area, there was no reason to be indoors with the air conditioner. Both of us were there to fish. A couple of other people spent most of their time inside where it was nice & cool. I assume they weren’t there for the fishing. It was mostly a couple of ladies whose partners were out fishing. The charter charges less money if you do not absolutely fish, & they still allow couples to board the boat together so they can care about the experience of being out on the water & deep sea fishing without absolutely having to put a pole in the water. My bestie ended up calling in a substantial grouper. Both of us didn’t keep it, because I do not like the taste of grouper. The crew got a bunch of pictures of our bestie with the fish. They said it was actually the largest one that they have pulled out of the water in a very long time.
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