They wouldn't refund my money without a receipt

Last year during the annual clearance sale, my partner and I obtained a brand new Heating and A/C component for the kitchen.

The Heating and A/C component has heat and AC.

I never had the occasion to use the new Heating and A/C unit, so the first time the people I was with and I hooked it up and turned it on was about 6 weeks after the people I was with and I made the clearance sale purchase. I expected no troubles with the setup, and it was a breeze. The biggest concern was the fact that the device would not turn on when the people I was with and I hooked up the power. I checked the breaker and the fuse box. I did not see anything that would cause a problem. We tried another outlet and the concern seemed to be the Heating and A/C unit. I told my wifey that the people I was with and I were going to need to take the device back to the hardware store. I asked her if she remembered where the receipt was locationd after the people I was with and I obtained the AC unit. She did not even remember keeping the receipt. I was hoping that the store would have a copy of our receipt on file. I took the Heating and A/C device to the store and they were not going to return it without a receipt. Even after they found the order under my debit card, they still refused to refund my money because I did not have the original receipt from the sale. The best they could do was offer me store credit to purchase something else. I was unquestionably quite frustrated with the entire situation, although I did not think there was anything I could do.



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