A great quality air filter can help prevent dust sensitivities

Dust and dirt are two things I strive to make sure I steer clear, then I’ve consistently had dire dust sensitivities since I was a kid.

Thankfully, living up north, the weather would be kind to me, especially during fall and winter; But, since I moved to the south, things have been tough, however at first I thought it was all because our body was getting accustomed to the temperature, however, after a month of congestion and feeling awful, I opted to see a medical professional and find some help.

The medical professional asked a few questions and I let him guess I suffer from dust and dirt dust sensitivities. He explained that a single reason I might be having continuous symptoms is our heating and cooling system. The medical professional went on to explain the importance of a quality air filter in our heating and cooling system. This is the first line of defense that ensures I have great indoor air conditions in our home, otherwise, I’d be inhaling dust and dirt in the house, and continue to fall ill. I admitted I’d not had an heating and cooling specialist over to repair the heating and cooling system in our home ever since I moved in. And that was a mistake. The next day, I booked for service with a local heating and cooling contractor in our current area. They sent over a heating and cooling specialist who got to work. The medical professional had been right since our air filter was not only bad quality, but also full of dirt and dust. He introduced me to HEPA filters that do a better task, and ever since I’ve not suffered from dire dust sensitivities in our current home.



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