Enjoying the nice cool air

If you were to ask myself and others what our number one part of the modern home is, I would tell you that our number one part of the modern home is the balcony… I assume love.

I’m really lucky to have a modern home that has its own built-in balcony.

I had been mostly inside all morning as well as cooling the cool air from our central air conditioning. It had been quite boiling out most of the morning as well, so it was necessary for myself and others to run the central AC unit in order for myself and others to stay cool! The only real negative is that it does run up our heating as well as AC bills, but it’s worth it if it means I can like the cool air… Nobody wants to be perspiring in the scorching heat. I decided to do what I love to do on a Tuesday, I make myself a nice healthy fruit smoothie as well as go outside as well as like the cool night air; while it is the case that it been Hot all morning the days are nice as well as cool as well as if I want to continue to stay cool as well as I’m going to have to go outside… My air conditioning proposal is perfect for the boiling weather during the morning, but at night our AC just does not do the task. I also like the nice cool outdoor breeze to our air conditioning proposal during the night, however I could not live separate from our AC unit during the morning. It has its place in its purpose but when it comes to late night smoothies I would rather like the fresh cool night air. I spent about half the night outside just enjoying the Cool breeze lying out on the hammock, before eventually going back inside as well as turning off the air conditioning unit.


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